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Items we


This is our current active list of needs for upcoming and future trips to Uganda

Sun screen 

Sun glasses

Band aids

Gauze bandages

Tape for bandages

Antibiotic Ointment

Hydrogen Peroxide

Alcohol swabs

Anti Fungal cream

Children’s  liquid Ibuprofen

Hydrocortisone Cream


Children’s liquid Tylenol

Extra Strength Tylenol (Adult)

Folic Acid 800mg  (need for Sickler’s – about 200)

Tampons (need for 10 )

Kotex  (need for 10)        

Chewable vitamins for children -  no gummy’s

Button shirts for men and boys (Denise has collected 10)

Bath Towels (need 40)


We would also welcome monetary donations for basic items the children need for school and mosquito nets. 


We also need student computers for university students.

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