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Sponsor a Student

Sponsoring a child through AIDSpirit USA is a rewarding commitment that will fulfill you as well as giving a child a chance to succeed.  In most cases we are the only families these children will have in their lives and they need love, nurturing, safety, education, health, boundaries, goals and mostly the confidence and assurance they will have a future and will be able to make a difference in this world.


You may pay tuition on a monthly basis OR pay tuition in-full.


Primary - 6 years

$600 USD per year


Secondary - 6 years 

$975 USD per year


Vocational School - 2 years

$1,011 USD per year


University -  2-4 years

$2,500 - $3,000 USD per year

Pay Tuition in Full

Pay Tuition In-Full

The AIDSPIRIT USA "Sponsor a Student Campaign" has many levels  available.

If you are sponsoring a student level past secondary school, let's set up a consultation to help you choose a tuition level that works for you.

Your donation automatically enrolls you as a member.

Pay Tuition Monthly

Monthly Sponsor A Child

AIDSPIRIT USA  appreciates your sponsorship and provides a monthly tuition payment plan.

Displayed below are tuition payments divided into 12 months,  you have the flexibility to adjust the breakdown to your preference. Simply input the desired amount in the custom box and include a note for AIDSPIRIT to help us identify your student

Primary Student 

$50 per month (Total of $600 per year)

Secondary Student

$81 per month (Total of $975 per year)

Vocational/Trade School Student

$85 per month (Total of $1011 per year)

University Student 

$208 per month (Total of $2500 per year)

University Student

$250 per month (over 1 year)

​​Your donation automatically enrolls you as a member.

Yearly Support Provides

Room and board as well as the following:





Hygiene KIT

2 rolls TP

2 bars soap

Shoe Polish


Wash tub

​2 brooms




Work book  

Mosquito net  





About the Education System in Kayunga, Uganda

Primary consists of Kindergarten through 6th grade.  At the end of Primary, the students take a National Exam which they must pass to enroll into Secondary.  After 3 years of Secondary the students take another National Exam, to enable them to enroll in the last 3 years of Secondary.  This test also determines their area of study and limits their classes to that particular discipline.  Once Secondary is completed (6 years) they must pass another National Exam to enroll in University.  If they score a 1 on their exam their tuition will be paid by the government, but not room and board.  Lower scores leave’s the student responsible for all tuition, fees, room and board.


Students will stay in school as long as they do well in their studies and receive financial support from their sponsors or families. Those who graduate from Secondary will go on to Vocational/Trade School or University depending on their grades and financial situation. Those who do not go on to school do not have much of a chance to make a living.  Some will go back to their village others will simply try to survive however they can.


Donations are welcome and encouraged to assist with our “FUND A FUTURE PROGRAM“  which helps children with any needs they may have including medical, clothing, food and other incidentals.  Toward the end of the year we collect donations for our “CHRISTMAS FUND” which will allow us to purchase gifts and food for the Tender Mercies celebration.


When our team travels to Uganda, we take large plastic containers of medical supplies, shoes, shirts, educational aids, hygiene kits and items to help our family at Tender Mercies and our children in school. We encourage everyone to collect/donate items before the trip.  We also love to take each child a personal letter from you and your family as they treasure the letters and pictures you send. We take great pride in getting to know each of our children personally and upon our return we will supply you with pictures, stories and letters from them.    


It is an incredible feeling to make a difference in this world and we sincerely thank you for giving our vulnerable children a chance to succeed.

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