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AIDSPIRIT USA students and children in Uganda

AIDSPIRIT USA is a grassroots organization dedicated to providing education, life essentials, and clean water for abandoned, abused and vulnerable children in Uganda. Our goal is for these children to become, educated, healthy, polite, independent adults. Every penny donated goes directly to Tender Mercies in Kayunga, Uganda. (AIDSPIRIT USA  is a 501c 3 non-profit organization.) Our group meets monthly via zoom or in person, we share our challenges our goals and celebrate our progress. Sign up for our newsletter here >



Tender Mercies home, built by AIDSPIRIT USA in Uganda

The House that Love Built

Together, we built Tender Mercies. A home for abandoned children in Uganda who can now say, that they have a family, a future and for the first time, their own bed. 

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Aidspirit USA travels to Uganda to conduct health and nutrition clinics. Donate to Aidspirit.

We Provide Health Care

We conduct Sickle Cell Clinics, Eye Clinics and Medical Clinics. We teach about hygiene and nutrition to keep families healthier.

A new deep water well for our community in Kayunga Uganda

Water is Life

AIDSPIRIT USA drills new deep water wells in Uganda that provide clean water for thousands of families. Just as important, we've come up with innovative techniques for repairing wells that have been abandoned.

19 graduates are gainfully employed, you can sponsor a student here


19 of the children of Tender Mercies have successfully graduated from University or Vocational School and are gainfully employed.

Many of our students have scholarships from individual members of AIDSPIRIT, we're actively searching for more.

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Every penny donated goes directly towards those in need

Pineapples are a huge crop for us at Tender Mercies in Uganda

Teach a Child to Grow

AIDSPIRIT USA is aquiring land and creating a "permaculture" to teach skills and create a self sustainable farm and future for the children of Tender Mercies.

Every single contribution goes directly to the welfare of our children and our dedicated Ugandan staff, which included a Manager, Nurse Secretary and Social Worker. Our staff members receive a small stipend for the incredible work they do, ensuring that our operation runs safely and smoothly

Focus on Sustainability

We are currently focused on creating a self-sustaining Permaculture Farm that will provide healthy food for Tender Mercies Home as well as crops to sell, with a goal of making Tender Mercies Home self- sustainable in the future. To make this a reality, we are raising funds to acquire land, livestock, fish tanks, and other essential resources to establish a permaculture farm. 


Uganda has a population of over 42.8 million people, with more than 2.7 million orphans. In just ten years, AIDSPIRIT USA’s presence has assisted in securing the right to a sustainable future for over 150 children. We honor the beliefs and culture of the local people in Uganda; our agenda does not promote our own religious beliefs.


Volunteering offers a chance for personal growth and development. It can boost self-esteem, increase self-confidence, and provide a sense of purpose and accomplishment. You will develop new skills and gain valuable experiences that can benefit you personally and professionally.

We need you, consider joining and/or donating today.

Join us by filling out the form below. By subscribing you will be a member of AIDSPIRIT USA and you will receive our quarterly newsletter as well as meeting and event reminders. AIDSPIRIT USA meets monthly (virtually or in person)  

We have levels of giving for everyone. Every penny goes to those in need. You can find our IRS 1990 form here.     

Let us know where you would like to volunteer, fill out the volunteer form and our volunteer coordinator will get back to you.


Join us on a journey of discovery and inspiration by visiting our blog and exploring our work and the people of AIDSPIRIT Tender Mercies Home.

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