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Mary, one of our older children who has been sponsored by Sue Dostal throughout her schooling, was diagnosed with Rheumatic Heart Disease and because her heart is not functioning fully she is very sick and needs surgery to replace her mitral valve. Two doctors here in the US and a doctor in Rwanda have reviewed her medical records and all agree with the diagnosis of the doctors at the Uganda Heart Institute that she needs surgery immediately.

Mary recently graduated from vocational school with a certificate for hotel/motel management and catering and she had an employment opportunity waiting for her when this was issue was discovered so her life is on hold. We are seeking to raise $10,000 USD to cover the cost of her surgery, hospital stay and medicine needed get her through this.

We are asking you to donate anything you can to help get us through this unexpected crisis. Also, would you kindly pass this on to anyone else you know who would be inclined to help?

With gratitude,

Tom Jacques

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