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  • Jessica Sebastian

2024 Uganda Trip Wrap Up

aidspirit 2024 trip to uganda

This is my Uganda Trip 2024 wrap up.

It was sad to leave the children and staff. Their kindness left an impression on my heart. Many children and staff wrote team members thoughtful letters of thanks. It is not often in our tech centered world to be given hand written notes and we appreciated these.

I was also eager to spend a few well-deserved days in the northwest part of Uganda to see Murchison Falls Park and the Nile River.

The day we left, Sage, Colter, Gunter, Tom and I were the last to leave Tender Mercies. Before we loaded into Charles’ vehicle to head back to the hotel, the children all gathered around Tom and he said his fatherly good byes and gave hugs to each of them. Sage gave one final hug to Rajab. She will miss him. We are hopeful we will see him again. Until that time I look forward to sponsoring his education, writing him letters and reading his responses (with improved English🤞🏻). If this trip has taught me anything, it is that one person can truly make a difference in another’s life, even halfway around the world.

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