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Colter’s Day in Uganda with Tender Mercies.

Colter’s Journal Entry

Day 9

Today I woke up and showered and went to breakfast where I had some tea and a weird doughnut. Dad and Gary both took a boda boda to the orphanage to work while it was still cool and they drove at about 5 mph.

My dad said that his boda boda driver laughed when my dad got on because he is so big. We left about 30 minutes later and went to work at the orphanage when we got there.

Me and another boy put in a window while the others worked on a shelf. Then I got to finally see Tender Mercies’ guard dog Mac, who is a fluffy big strong and looked cute but deadly at the same time.

Then I played some soccer and then we messed around for a bit. We had a late lunch and then immediately went into a gift giving ceremony for the kids. After that, we were just chilling and I was playing with kids and out of nowhere there was this crazy loud thunder and then it started raining like crazy.

We then ran inside and got out some African drums and they started playing to a beat and some girls started dancing. Once the rain started to clear up, I bought a shirt from a girl and some pottery from Stephen.

We came back to the hotel, ate dinner, showered, and went to sleep.

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