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More from Uganda!

Updated: May 7

Hi AIDSPIRIT Friends and family! This is Tana, the AIDSPIRIT graphic designer, I'm blogging for the team in Uganda, they're sending me messages and I'm doing my best to get them published although they don't always come in chronological order. Looks like it's been a fun, meaningful and productive trip.


Terry Freeser- in Uganda (holding the pineapple)

The children received a treat since we are her, Bob is drinking mtn dew. Soccer seems to be the fun game for the day and a universal language.

Shamin is deaf and really sweet and outgoing. She works at the shop and sewed the dress she is holding up. She designs clothing and is really well made and beautiful.

I'll send another pic of Shamin wearing a dress she designed and made.

Steven is talking to Jessica at the computer (Jessica is here with her husband and their teenagers!) Steven is a university student ( with sickle cell anemia) and he's studying graphic design and fine arts. His elective right now is pottery and he's good!! 

Sending more later...

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