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We've landed in UGANDA! :)

Updated: May 2

This is Jessica Sebastian with AIDSPIRIT in Uganda. Follow along with our group as we learn more about our wonderful children's home in the Kayunga District of Uganda. I am going to post photos and highlights from our 2024 trip as often as I can.

Here we go! We Arrived on time at the updated Entebbe Airport after 32 hours of travel 😬

All 50# supply crates arrived intact!

The children at Tender Mercies were healthy and happy! We've been visiting, playing, crafting, beading, face painting and just spending time with the children.

Duane, Dan, Tom, Gary, Gunter and Colter determining maintenance needs at Tender Mercies.

Children were happy to pick out new clothes and hygiene products.


We received a very warm greeting at well ceremony/ribbon cutting at nearby village. Our team was recognized at the ceremony. At the ribbon cutting ceremony, an Islamic man asked Father Dan to lead the group in the Lord’s Prayer as a symbol of unity.


Reading glass clinic competed and specialty products were given to albino children.

Those who celebrate, joined Mass at Our Lady of Fatima and hearing the beautiful students from the adjacent schools sing and take up seven (yes, seven) collections! The room went wild when Sage and Colter took up their 7 offerings. Tom and Charles were asked to give speeches. All team members were acknowledged with Father Dan given special recognition.

Gunter, Sage, Colter and children play lots of soccer in the courtyard with new soccer balls!

Charles gave the team a tour of the new 3+ acres that was recently purchased to begin our permaculture project.

Gary and Dan led fabrication of new dining room tabletops. Seeing the new covered outdoor space which is nearly completed.

Tomorrow…..more children will arrive home to Tender Mercies on their school breaks!

Check back! More coming soon!

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