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  • Jessica Sebastian

A Thursday Snapshot at Tender Mercies

Thursday snapshot…..

I look around and I am so grateful for the time my family and I are getting to spend at Tender Mercies and in Uganda.

As I sit outside, Father Dan is beside me reading with Tracy and Lameck.

Gretchen is sitting a few steps below me with Teddy, visiting about her future. Teddy is studying catering and helps the cooks here at Tender Mercies prepare food. Terry is sitting down the way with Bob. Bob is a shy 8 year old boy.

Momma Mary told me that Bob won’t be able to go to boarding school like the others because he has epilepsy. I am happy to see he is visiting with Terry and coming out of his shell a bit.

My 13 year old son, Colter, moves between helping the men caulk the windows and playing soccer with the boys. Sage, my 16 year old daughter, is teaching a big group of kids at tables in the sparse dining room. They are coloring with the colored pencils the team brought. Sage is reading a children’s book to them and teaching them shapes too. They are so eager to learn! The children are very grateful for the basic arts and craft supplies we brought like beads and face paint. I have never seen kids so excited to see a deck of “Crazy 8” cards as I have here.

My husband Dan and Gary are almost done with the large bookcase that will go in the library. The case will store school supplies. Having the locked bookcase will save Charles and the staff time. Duane and the local electrician are busy doing maintenance work.

Our family is truly blessed to spend time with one of the students we sponsor, Rajab. Rajab is 8 years old. He likes soccer and drawing and teasing the other kids here. It will be hard to leave him on Sunday. He really has become a part of our family.

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