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The Value of Water

Most Americans will never know what it is like to find themselves with thirst. Sure, we get thirsty some times, we may eat something salty, or we worked hard and feel parched; but majority of people in well-developed countries such as the United States will never know the feeling of true thirst. To know there is no water for miles and miles. The act of getting water takes an entire day and it is all that consumes the mind. This is true thirst. And this is the reality for many millions of children and families around the world.

​This was the reality for the community of Kayunga, Uganda. Set members of families would go and search for water and bring it back to their families in order to sustain them for that one day. All too often, the water was found in drainage ditches, run-off from rain or local agriculture. The water that was found, was often not safe to drink. But what can one do when they are desperate, and thirsty?

When someone drinks unclean water, it can cause many types of diarrheal diseases, including Cholera, and other serious illnesses such as Guinea worm disease, Typhoid, and Dysentery. Water related diseases cause 3.4 million deaths each year. This is 100% preventable.

​Since 2014, AIDSpirit USA, alongside very generous donors, have provided the community of Kayunga and surrounding villages with water pumps, or bore holes, to be used to pull clean water from the ground. One pump can help an entire village, and provide this basic right to everyone living there. As of now, the goal is to provide 40 wells to this area, so no child will have to die from a disease and is so easily prevented. Many world health agencies indicate that when there is clean water readily available to children and their families, there is a 50-85% reduction in disease in that area. This is a true miracle.

Consider what happens to the child that no longer has to spend their entire day searching for water. What else could they do with this time? Now that they have access to clean water, they are now healthy enough to go to school, help on their families’ farm, learn a trade. When someone is no longer desperate to meet their basic needs, they can focus their energy on bettering themselves and their communities. This is how the cycle of thirst is broken, provide clean water, but also provide an opportunity for hope. This is the true value of water.

How can you help? Click the link HERE and discover ways you can provide the true value of water to this community in Uganda.

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